Blog Proposal: The Names

Explanation and Justification

Thomas King’s novel, Green Grass, Running Water, is saturated with allusions to literary and historical figures.  It has been a favourite novel of mine for years, yet every time I re-read it, I discover a deeper meaning.  There are many allusions of which I am not aware, and I am not well versed even in the ones I have uncovered.  Examining the allusions will bring out the depth of the novel, and from this, I hope to be able to produce intelligent and fresh commentary on the text.

Project Idea

“Words have meaning and names have power.”

-Author unknown

I propose to examine different allusions in this blog, placing them in their historical and/or literary context.  I will be looking at the relationship between names and characters.  Names indeed have power, and in literary works, the author has an opportunity to conciously select the names that the characters will bear.  By investigating the choices that King made in writing this novel, I hope to gain a greater understanding of how each name fits within the novel’s overall meaning.  The key topics I will be researching are:

  • The names of the major characters, and what they symbolize.
  • The significance of fictional place names (most significantly Blossom, Alberta).
  • Allusions in the names of supporting characters and what significance they have to King’s overarching story.

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